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I had just moved from San Jose back to LA when looking through the recycler I spotted an ad "need bass player for progressive rock music, etc."   That's how I met Doug Goodwin.   We hit it off almost immediately.   I joined the band and practice becomes a ritual I will not forget.   The band name changed, a few other players came and went.   Doug and I were still having way too much fun.   Then sadly, we parted, on good terms reuniting now and again for different musical projects.   This was all before the midi standard was implemented.   After getting my Korg M1, I recorded a song we use to play "Modernos Factory".   Using midi and a Tascam 688, I was able to use the tape deck for vocals only - the rest were virtual midi tracks.   I called Doug and said "hey dude, you gotta listen to this".   He replied in a standard Doug monotone "whaddaya waiting for. Get over here."   I played him Modernos Factory and then he surprised me.   He also had redone another tune of ours "Gateway".   The seed was planted.   It was not until a few years later we would start U.R.ONE.

I am currently working on finishing the CD we started out together.   Since he has passed away, it's been hard.   This is the first year I have been able to emotionally approach the music with the intent to complete.   If this CD does well, we had another 2-3 CDs of music waiting in the wings and I will probably finish those as well.   Half of the proceeds will be going to his widow and two children, one of whom he has never seen.   I am putting up an early mix of "Public Plane" (from 1996-97) to give you an idea of the style of music that will be on the CD.   Please check back here often, as I have an ongoing status report.   Click to view status report

All tunes/songs/or portions of, are copyright by U.R.ONE/Doug Goodwin/Carl Jasper Hoffman/Jascar Music.   Please read our copyright notice.

U.R.One Players
Bass, Vocals: Carl Jasper Hoffman  Keyboards: Doug Goodwin
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Tune    [High Fidelity] Tune    [Low Fidelity] Description Guest Players
Public Plane Public Plane Instrumental  
This Perfect Day      
Five to Four     Atmospheres: Bill Forth
Additional Drums: Jeff DeYoung
Gateway Gateway (60 second excerpt)  
Modernos Factory      
Want Me Now Want Me Now (60 second excerpt)
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Public Plane
Want Me Now
Five to Four
Modernos Factory
Price: $10.99 each
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