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Another favorite pastime is watching movies.   Westerns, horror, Sci-Fi, romance etc.   I prefer movies that have a somewhat happy ending.   I know life isn't always perfect yet I want the movies I see to be.   There are so many I like, it would be hard to pick a favorite one.   Crossfire Trail, Spy Game (Redford), Galaxy Quest, Say Anything, Don Juan Demarco, Pitch Black, all the Cary Grant flicks etc. (oh my, the list is getting long).   I think the points been made.

A good score can enhance almost any movie, bring your emotions to a crescendo of alternating currents (AC? hmmm....) refreshing the scene with tense, loving or even scary passages.   Most of the music I tinker with sounds more like movie music (that's what my friends say at least) than radio tunes.   So, every once in a while I get this bug to tinker with soundtracks.   A long time ago (heard that one before), I played bass through an entire "B" flick called "xxxxxxxxx xxxx xx" you didn't think I was going to give it away did ya?   Gonna make you work for that one!   It was a total blast.   Since then I've done bits and pieces for different projects and shows - nothing to make a living by so I "still have my day job".   Please Note: The Volcano Music CD is no longer in production and I no longer own the company. There are plenty of good alternatives, just keep looking...  
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Apparition Apparition About this song. Carl Jasper Hoffman
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