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Jazz.   What a beautiful word.   Add "ed" and it becomes "Jazzed".   Add a "y" and "Jazzy" is born.   Add "Rock" and you got it, "JazzROCK" is born.   I have always been partial to jazzrock throughout my time here and continue to be amazed at the amount of wonderful music that "jazzrock" musicians produce.   Traditional Jazz has influenced so many flavors of music it's hard to keep track.   Rhythm and blues, Jazz Rock, Progressive Rock, Ballads etc.

If we could trace back our steps like a family tree, we would most likely find jazz at the top.   I have so many "jazzrock" tunes that almost border on Progressive it's hard to classify them.   More tunes should be showing up here, as space becomes available.
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Mint16 Mint16 About this song. Carl Jasper Hoffman
Oleander Oleander About this song. Carl Jasper Hoffman
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